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Fancy Bottle Simple Blend Custom Perfume, for men, women, teens, With Fruity, Floral, Spicy perfume


Some perfume lovers love designer perfumes, some love a custom original blend while others may like to keep it simple! A simple blend is just that, simple but uniquely yours. For men, women and teens! Let us blend the perfect scent for you! This listing is for one, 1 oz rose water based (if your allergic to rose water we can use distilled water by request) custom simple blended perfume spray. This price includes up to 3 oils from my current oil list. For additional scents, add $3.00 per extra essential oil and $2.00 for additional premium grade fragrance oil.* Means essential oil and a / next to the scent means we have it available in both essential oil and premium grade oil. See drop down menu or scent list in last two images of this listing.

You can have an all-natural perfume with no dyes and only essential oils (no premium fragrance oils), a hybrid (a blend of both) or a premium grade oil based perfume. The choice is yours!

1.)Decide what kind of scent you want. You want fruity? A woody or resin scent? A spicy floral or floral fragrance? A fresh scent? Do you like to smell like you walked into a forest? Or do you like to smell like you laid in a bed or roses?

2.)View suggested scents in the last two images of this listing.
Select the heart of your fragrance, (the main ingredient you want in your perfume or cologne), then email me your other 2 selected perfume notes. In the case of scents clashing, I will suggest other perfume note options. If you want only one scent, select that scent and or email it to me. azizaworldinc@gmail.com

3.) Select your lotus label color and also email to me. You can choose from red, green, blue, black, white, pink, magenta, teal, orange, yellow, brown, purple, grey, gold, and or multi colored.

My perfumes are made with no alcohol! We use Bulgarian Rose Water, jojoba oil, vegetable glycerin, essential and premium grade fragrance oils to make perfumes. You do not need alcohol in perfumes! Alcohol FREE perfumes are better for the environment, and their better for your body and nose! Less sneezing and less allergic reactions when you buy alcohol free perfumes.

Perfumery is an art form. A big part of my business is making custom perfumes. I have designed perfumes for Metal Female Voices Festival (in Belgium), the classical romantic musical group My Eternel, and for several retailers and individual perfume lovers. Please note, that some oils go together, and some do not. If you have an idea of what you like, for instance, you love Lilac and Gardenia or Patchouli and Jasmine; send me an email on what scents you’d want the strongest! Please be as specific as possible when explaining your perfume blend. If you are unsure, no problem! Just tell me what types of scents you usually wear or prefer, and I’ll do the rest!
I put a lot of thought into making your custom. I want you happy! So I need the requested time, to test it myself daily, to make adjustments if needed and to be certain I did my best. Any questions, please message me here on Etsy. If you do not see the oils you would like, I may be able to order for an additional charge.

Save 10% off your reorder if you reuse your bottle! You can mail it to me or drop off! We will sterilize it, relabel it, and then prepare your custom perfume again giving you 10% off. Perfume custom must be the same formula you purchased prior for this discount.

Choose the name of your perfume and what color lotus logo (see color options above in drop down menu) you would like. Once printed and ordered, you cannot change your style, therefore, be sure you know what you want. You may send in your own artwork too. But please note, the name Aziza World Fragrances as designed, distributed, and created by along with warning label and other needed legal credits, must be seen on the bottle.

Because your custom perfume is handmade, it needs sufficient time to dilute and blend properly. Please expect 4-6 weeks upon completion of paid order for delivery. Also, order in advance if you need it by a certain date, such as: a birthday, bachelorette party, wedding, Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift. USA orders only. We cannot ship perfumes out of the country. Although, during October, we do have stocked perfumes at Metal Female Voices Festival in Belgium and options to buy from our distributor there.

NOTE: We do not sell your custom simple perfume to anyone but you. This does not mean we will turn over the formula of the fragrance to you. Due to Aziza World Fragrances creating the fragrance and working out the proper leveling for your final formula, we do not hand over the actual recipe/formula and we store it on file. All formulas and designs are owned by Aziza World Fragrances.